I wanted to use this blog post to recap our round the world trip. Since embarking on this crazy adventure on July 5th, we have been to Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, and we are currently in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. Iguazu Falls are arguably the most formidable waterfalls in the world, with some travelers ranking them higher than Niagra or Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe/Zambia). I have never been to Niagra, but I have been to Victoria Falls, and I agree. 

We have had some crazy adventures on this trip, most of them involving buses:

On our way to Cusco, Peru the kids got altitude sickness in the middle of the 18+ hour bus ride. Imagine having two kids throwing up at 3 am on the bus on a narrow, windy mountain road so it cannot pull over without risking falling down the mountainside! We now affectionately refer to this bus ride as the "bus ride from hell."

On the 8-hour bus ride from Uyuni to Sucre, Bolivia, we stopped at a small building so people could by a bowl of soup to eat. I asked where the toilets were, and I was directed to an open field behind the building where the llamas were grazing. That's right! Just squat and go in the tallest bush you can find. It helps to have a sense of humor when you are traveling in Bolivia! 

In Montevideo, Uruguay, I was hang-drying our laundry in the balcony of our 7th-floor apartment on a gusty day. Unfortunately, one of my underwear was blown off the balcony. A few days later, as we were headed out to dinner, Chris noticed a black pair of undies on a table in the lobby of the apartment building. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were my underwear that had blown off the balcony! I guess they had fallen into the balcony of an apartment below and the person there left them in the lobby figuring they belonged to someone else in the building. The kids were literally on the floor laughing at the "underwear that came back."

You can follow our adventures at the Thomson Family Adventure Blog. We provide them with a weekly article about our round the world trip. 

I am writing as we travel and we are homeschooling the kids. If you have any questions about our trip or any suggestions for a round the world trip, let me know in the comments section!

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