I am so excited to reveal the cover for my upcoming middle-grade fantasy novel, The Iris of Issoria, which will be available on September 23, 2014 digitally and print-on-demand.  Here is a first look at the cover and the artist behind it.

The cover was designed by Kari Klawiter, a book designer a fellow writer recommended on the Fantasy Writers Google Plus community. I contacted Kari by email in February, and she fit me into her schedule for the end of April. Before designing the book, I sent her a list of book covers that I liked as well as a summary of the book.  She asked me how I envisioned the cover, what colors I liked, and if there was a particular event to convey to the reader.

I told her that the forest and the tree were important. I sent her a picture of a strangler fig and the cloudforest of Costa Rica so she could capture the mental  image I had of the fantasy setting, NoArah.  I also sent her pictures of my daughter, Kara, as the main character is also a half-Latina twelve year-old girl. 

At the end of April, Kari sent me a rough draft of the cover, and I immediately fell in love with it.  I loved the bold colors, the epic fantasy feel of the gold letters, and the innocence and beauty personified by the young girl on the cover. Kari captured my main character Anika's courage and tenacity better than I could have imagined!  After a few small changes, we finally settled on the final image below.  

I hope you like the book cover for The Iris of Issoria as much as I do. Kari artistically brought life to the NoArah and Anika that have existed in my imagination for almost a decade.  

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Without further ado......

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