This summer has been a whirlwind adventure! We left Costa Rica with sad faces and some tears in June, visited family in the USA for one month, and then embarked on our year-long round the world trip in July. Amidst all that craziness, I have been getting ready to publish my MG Lit novel, The Iris of Issoria, and started writing its sequel, Dragonfire. 

I wanted to share two important pieces of information with all of you. 

1. You can now sign up to my email list by clicking here. When you join my email list, you will receive a free PDF of a proof copy of The Iris of Issoria before it goes through its final proof read. I am excited to see the differences between both versions after incorporating the feedback from beta readers and the final round of proofreading. As a member of my community, you will be the first to learn about upcoming books, special offers, giveaways, and other goodies. I promise to respect your privacy and not spam your inbox. I will never sell your email address to a third party. 

2. I have pushed back the publication date for Iris. The book will now be available on October 7th instead of September 23rd. I will need a little more time than expected to polish the final draft. This was a difficult decision to make, but I would rather put the book on the market later and present a high quality product, than rush something that will not make me completely proud. 

I gotta go write! We leave to the Amazon jungle on Tuesday. We will be staying at "ecolodges" which usually translates to no electricity, no hot water, and no Wi-Fi. I want to get as much writing done during our final days in Sucre, Bolivia, where all of those luxuries are available daily. 

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The Iris of Issoria will be available October 7th, 2014. Subscribe to my email list or follow me on Twitter for more updates, teasers, excerpts, promotions, and cool facts about Iris. 

 Our favorite place on our RTW trip so far is Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Here we are with our guide and driver. 

Our favorite place on our RTW trip so far is Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Here we are with our guide and driver. 

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