The Third Floor Friend

Five children sat in the playroom of the hospital. One boy, about the age of twelve, was engrossed in a video game. A girl a little younger than him played a card game by herself. One child, about the age of three, attempted to build a tower out of blocks. The last one, about the age of four, the one with the saddest eyes, sat in a corner with a book in his hands.

The clock on the wall signaled 9:15 pm. The boy with the saddest eyes looked up at the girl playing cards. He walked over to her and watched. He left the book on the table.

“You want to play?” she asked. She looked kind and sweet. The boy gave her the saddest smile.

“Come with me to the third floor. I left my toy,” he said.

“What were you doing on the third floor? It’s not in use,” she asked.

“I heard no one uses it because its haunted,” the older boy suddenly stopped playing video games to address the other children.

“I don’t think so,” said the girl.

“Mom and dad wont be here for a while, until the MRI is done. Let’s at least do something fun,” he said.

“We are having fun here, why would be go to another floor?” the girl asked rationally.

“I just want to check if this floor is really haunted. Who wants to be brave and go with me?”

The girl stood up. She picked up the younger girl who was playing blocks one off the floor and said, “You are coming with us, Alissa. What about this little boy? Is he going too?”

The boy with the saddest eyes looked hopeful.

“He looks like he wants to,” said the older boy.

“Shouldn’t you ask his parents first? You don’t know who he is?” said the girl.

“Where are your parents little guy?” the older boy asked.

The boy with the sad eyes shook his head.

“He probably has a sibling getting a procedure too,” said the older girl.

All five children held hands. They walked out of the playroom.

They walked down the stairs down to the third floor. The boy opened the stairwell door with an ominous creek. The hallway was dark.

The children stood in the corridor long enough for their eyes to adjust to the darkness. He led her down the hallway with ease until they arrived at the deserted nurses station. The moonlight flooded the station through a large bay window in front of it. The hair on the back of the children’s necks stood on end.

The boy with the saddest eyes turned to the other children. His eyes did not look so sad anymore. They also looked brighter, much brighter than normal human eyes. The brightness filled his whole body as he floated halfway up to the ceiling.

“Aaah!” the children screamed in unison. The oldest girl picked up Alissa in her arms. They ran down the darkened hallway.

“Don’t go away. Stay with me. Keep me company. I do hate to be alone…” they heard the little boy wail with the saddest voice.

They all arrived back at the playroom terrified but in one piece. No one believed them of course. No one remembered seeing a little boy with the saddest eyes. All children in a hospital playroom had sad eyes even when they laughed and smiled.

Yet no one could explain how the small hand print burnt onto the book the boy was holding got there.

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AuthorNoemi Gamel
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