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What are your goals as a writer?

I hope my writing touches readers of all ages and backgrounds. If I can tear down a stereotype, dismantle a social barrier, or make someone laugh, my work as a writer is done. 

What are you working on now?

Can you keep a secret? I am working on a YA contemporary novel set in South Texas, mostly San Antonio. The teen characters attend an elite private school but my main character wants to leave it behind to get back to her hometown. #ButterPrincess

Where do you get your ideas?

A lot of my ideas come to me while running.  All that blood pumping to my brain early in the morning provides the perfect moving meditation state that generates great ideas.  I also get ideas from life around me, movies, and books.  I try to write down any ideas that come to me as soon as possible, because they can easily disappear like ashes on a windy day.  Sometimes wonderful ideas come to me in the middle of the night, therefore I take  a notebook and pen to bed with me so I can write them down. The idea for my current WIP came to me while we were on a road trip from San Antonio to Hot Springs, AK for Thanksgiving in 2012. I wanted a character with a strong internal dialogue, and she has been a lot of fun to write. #ButterPrincess

Into which Hogwarts House would you be sorted?

I think I would be a hatstall. I am a total Hufflepuff but I have some strong Slytherin tendencies.

Who is your favorite writer?

I have too many. I loved Judy Blume as a kid. I absolutely love everything by Julia Alvarez and Roxane Gay.

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